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Mike Maxwell, host of this blog, is the author of two books related to Future-Focused History Education.

Future Focused History Teaching: Restoring the Power of Historical Learning

Future-Focused History Teaching : Restoring the Power of Historical Learning

This is not a classroom teaching guide with a collection of handy lesson plans. This book deals with the fundamental premises and practices that underlie the work of every history teacher from grade school through graduate school. (251 pages, hardcover and paperback)

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The Student’s Friend Concise World History, Parts 1 and 2 : Prehistory to the Present

The Student’s Friend is intended for everyday classroom use; it replaces traditional thousand-page textbooks with a clear and understandable overview of human history that can be comprehended by the human mind. (129 pages, paperback)

For more information, visit the Student’s Friend page on this blog.

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These two books complement each other: Future-Focused History Teaching reports findings from cognitive science that call for teachers to emphasize the most important knowledge in a school discipline so as to produce learning useful in the future. The Student’s Friend Concise World History implements this suggestion by focusing on the most important concepts and developments of world history and by limiting superficial detail that can interfere with effective understanding.      

In addition, The Student’s Friend supplies one of four kinds of historical knowledge identified in Future-Focused History Teaching as suitable for history education: a big picture of human development through time. The Student’s Friend can also serve as the essential teaching tool that provides access to three other three kinds of useful historical knowledge: general principles of history, events with continuing effect, and foundational concepts of history and geography.

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