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As you have chosen to visit this page, there’s a good possibility that you are in agreement with the main ideas presented on this blog, and you may wish to support the concept of Future-Focused History education. If so, I salute your obvious intelligence, keen powers of discernment, commendable sense of civic responsibility, and what are surely your devastating good looks.

The first thing a person can do to support the cause is to follow this blog via email, which will help to build a base of supporters who are able to communicate with one another. To sign up, enter your email address in the box at the left on a personal computer or pad device, or click the three bars at the top of the page on a smart phone.

So, where do we go from here? 

Probably the ultimate objective of this blog is to work toward developing a critical mass of history educators who are aware of the concept of Future-Focused History (FFH) and think it’s a good idea. At that point, teachers who operate with a degree of autonomy may start to bring FFH instruction into their classrooms, and other teachers could begin the task of persuading principals, superintendents, and school boards to add FFH to the curriculum. 

But it’s a long way between there and here. Future-Focused History instruction can become a reality only if supporters identify and successfully implement the intermediate steps necessary to reach the objective. At a minimum, the following two steps would seem to be necessary: 

Spread the word about Future-Focused History through measures such as speaking with colleagues, using social media, conducting professional development sessions, and so on.

Experiment with FFH activities in classrooms to learn which approaches to instruction might be effective. Pilot programs could follow.

I have done what I know how to do. After retiring from teaching, I spent seven years studying the state of contemporary history education. I wrote a book describing what I learned, and I started this blog as a way to try to do something about it. However, I am no longer in a position to experiment in the classroom nor to organize professional development meetings, and I am woefully inept at social media.

Advancing the concept of Future-Focused History education will require a community of people who know lots of things that I don’t know and who can do many things that I can’t do. This page can serve as a place to bring like-minded people together to offer suggestions, consider possibilities, develop strategies, and organize action. I hope you will consider adding your unique perspectives and abilities to the effort. (Watch this page for specific ways that people can help.)

By working together—by bringing our different talents to bear—perhaps we might one day succeed in making a positive contribution not only to the future of history education, but also to the larger society that needs more than ever before the kind of wisdom that only extended historical experience can provide.  

-Mike Maxwell

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