“Historical Thinking Skills: A Second Opinion”

An article by Mike Maxwell is featured in the October 2019 issue of Social Education, the official journal of the National Council For the Social Studies. Mike is the former journalist and history teacher who operates this blog.

In the article, Mike writes: “Despite a quarter-century with historical thinking skills at the forefront of the history-teaching agenda, the fortunes of history education continue to decline in the nation’s schools and colleges. It might be time to consider a second opinion.”

This journal article is based on ideas from Mike’s book: Future-Focused History Teaching: Restoring the Power of Historical Learning, which draws on findings from cognitive science that make it clear: “Useful thinking requires useful knowledge to think about.”

To read a pdf version of the journal article, click here.

To visit the Social Education website, click here.

To learn more about Mike’s book, Future-Focused History Teaching, click here.

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