Recurring Dynamics of History: Sample Teaching Module

Module title:
“Democracy is fragile;
it has repeatedly fallen to authoritarian rulers.”

This module consists of six activities, and is available in two formats:
An online version and a paper version (with Teacher Information) that may be downloaded, printed, and distributed to students.

Each activity includes a Background Information section and a Student Response section, called “Check your understanding.” The online version integrates both sections within each numbered activity. In remote learning situations, the teacher may collect student responses using the teacher’s favored method.

The download version separates Background Information and Student Response into separate packets to facilitate printing needs.

Some teachers might wish to mix elements from the two formats. For example, using printed “Student Response” sheets to accompany activities in the online version.

The download version contains Teacher Information pages (recommended reading), which include suggestions for teaching strategies and grading opportunities and instructions for obtaining an End-of-Module Quiz.

– Online version available from*: click here
– Download version (pdf file): click here

Chrome browser: To view the download, select the three dots in the upper right-corner of the Chrome browser window. Choose Downloads, and click From the downloads list, select RDH1 Democracy.pdf.

Safari browser: The download document may appear automatically. If not, click on the download icon, a circle with a downward arrow, in the upper-right area of the Safari browser window, and select RDH1 Democracy.pdf.

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* The online version was developed by Tefel Hall, a teacher colleague in the San Francisco school district.

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Instructors: If you use this teaching module in your classroom, we welcome your feedback. A small stipend is available for providing us with a description of your experience including any suggestions for improvement. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at