News from the EPICENTER

As the Covid-19 virus has spread from its epicenter in Wuhan, China, we are all hunkering down, trying to avoid contact with outsiders. Our homes have become the epicenters of our world: No more visits to the local recreation epicenter for a workout, to the Lincoln Epicenter in New York for a performance, or to the Staples Epicenter in L.A. for a Lakers game.

We are tuning in to the media, awaiting updates from the Epicenters of Disease Control in Atlanta and from the epicenter of national government in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, primary elections are postponed even as Democrats are trying to decide if they are more progressive or more epicentrist.

I’m using this down time to catch up on my reading, including the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Epicenter of the Earth. But enough about me; I don’t want to appear self-epicentered. That’s the news from the geographic epicenter of the U.S.

-Colorado writer Mike Maxwell is the author of Future-Focused History Teaching, the epicenter of history education reform.